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Eurasian Journal for International, Polemological and Interfaith Studies (EJIPIS) is an international, multilingual journal, published twice a year, including several special editions by the e-Transfer Corner (e-TC), Universitaetsstadt Marburg & Cosmoscopia Club International (CCI), Loreley Valley, Germany. It specializes in thematic diaspora, transnational & international affairs, Kantian democratic peace, Kantian polemology & peace economics, interfaith or ideological visionary transformation process and selected trending of topical issues in Asia Pacific, Eurasia or in Near-, Middle- & Far East; intended to communicate original researchers and current issues on the relevant critical universal subjects. EJIPIS welcomes articles, essays, comments, research report and book reviews from writers, researchers and scholars of the related disciplines or universal discourses with trans-disciplinary approach.

General Guidelines:

All articles or discourses published in EJIPIS will be easily searchable Online or via Eurasian Catalogue System” (§) – including on Google or Google Scholar, and other search engines and some of them will be protected under the Creative Commons Attribution license. The e-TC, CCI and partners offer a reprint service for those who require professionally produced copies of a licensed-article. The views, opinions, findings, conclusions and recommendations set forth in any Journal article are solely those of the authors of those articles and do not necessarily reflect the views, policy or position of the journal, its publisher, its editorial staff or any affiliated societies and should not be attributed to any of them.

Manuscripts should be submitted with the understanding that they have neither been published, nor are under consideration for publication elsewhere. Manuscripts submission should include a title, an abstract (250 words maximum), keywords and a brief personal biography. It is incumbent upon the submitting author to ensure the accuracy and inclusion of all contributing authors’ names and affiliations upon original submission of the paper. Manuscripts are typically reviewed by 2 or more peer reviewers in the field of study and are expected to meet the standards of academic and scientific excellence. The initial review process usually takes between 2-8 weeks; revisions require additional time. The final decision to accept or reject a paper is made by the Editor-in-Chief after the review process is complete. It is usually preferable to send editable text prepared in Microsoft Word and double-spaced.

Manuscripts could be submitted online: or via Dropbox.

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Guiding principles of EJIPIS Manuscript types: *

  1. Original Research Articles: Full-length descriptions of original research. Word limit: 6,000 words excluding references, acknowledgments, disclosures, figures, and tables with an abstract of 350 words or less.
  2. Comprehensive Reviews or Brief Summaries of Developments: Appraisals of research. Word limit: 5,000 words excluding references, acknowledgments, disclosures, figures, and tables with an abstract of 350 words or less.
  3. Brief Reports or Meeting Reports: Descriptions of completed findings or accounts of a representative sample of talks or poster presentations at a recent conference or symposium. Word limit, 1,500 words excluding references, acknowledgments, disclosures, figures, and tables.
  4. Perspectives or Letters to the Editor: Representative of an opinion or selective letters extending, contesting, challenging, or disputing claims advanced in previous publications are encouraged and will be submitted to the original authors for comment. Word limit: 1,500 words with no more than four references and one figure or table.
  5. Literature Reviews: Reviews of a topical area of research relevant to science, discussing the work of multiple research groups. Word limit, 1,500 words excluding references, acknowledgments, disclosures, figures, and tables.


All articles and essays published do not necessarily represent the views of the journal or other institutions to which is affiliated. They are solely the view of the authors. The articles and essays contained in this journal have been refereed by the Board of Editors. The authors, editors, contributors and publisher will not accept any legal responsibility for any errors or omissions. The publisher makes no warranty, express or implied, with respect to the material contained herein.


If your document is more than word limit in length or if you have any special request, please contact the Editor-in-Chief’s office or visit our global web: EJIPIS encourages submissions from scholars and practitioners with relevant thematic topics announced by editorial board annually. All contributions will be reviewed and displayed in relevant Categories of the Journal (e.g.: FOCUS; ARTICLES; RESEARCH SUMMARIES; REVIEWS & COMMENTS; ADDENDUM, etc.) with “multiple peer review system” (Including single blind and double blind reviewing; for a single blind peer review, the reviewers’ identity is kept anonymous from the authors. However, the reviewers can see the author details; In a double blind peer review the identity of both the author and reviewer is kept hidden; both the reviewer and author identities are concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa, throughout the review process.) SAMPLES – For FOCUS Category we use a double-blind anonymous peer review system; for ARTICLES Category we use a single blind peer review or mixed system, depending on the topics; but the final confirmation will be given by the Editorial Board. The journal will occasionally publish issues devoted to special topics (Focus) or special editions within its purview.

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EJIPIS is centrally indexed in Cosmoscopia Catalogue in the Loreley Valley, Germany and selective partner institutions.  Please visit our index page to view a full list of catalogues or databases in which this journal is indexed or systematized.

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